References and Acknowledgments

- Article from Computing Science and Engineering:
A Hike through Post-EJB J2EE Web Application Architecture - link »
"Acknowledgments: I thank Igor Stoyanov, now at ThoughtWorks, for outstanding contributions as a student, challenging discussions, and keeping me informed on emerging technologies.
Author: Konstantin Läufer is a professor of computer science and an associate dean of the graduate school at Loyola University Chicago."

- Article from
Leverage Application Framework Integration with Spring - link »
"Written by: Igor Stoyanov and Dragos Manolescu
ABSTRACT: This article summarizes our experience in simplifying application frameworks integration using Spring framework as well as provides some overview of Spring framework.

- Blog reference:
Valid Points - link »
"...One of the first posts I read this morning was My Ruby Tipping Point on Igor Stoyanov’s blog. He was holding up the ActiveRecord validation methods in Ruby as the proper way to do validation in an application.
In a post later in the day, Martin Fowler talked about Contextual Validation. I wonder if Igor’s post wasn’t somehow a provocation for Martin’s post (after all, they do work at the same place)...."

- Blog reference:
Don't mock me! (unless you really need to) - link »
"...There's some pragmatic advice on when to use mocks and when to use stubs on Martin Fowler's site, and Igor Stoyanov posted some relevant anecdotal reports and pragmatic advice last year, first here and later here. ...."